Lukegan likes to compare its flip wallets to that of the ideal girlfriend – They are sexy, the ideal size and shape, they are 100% real, they hold up to eight credit cards, as much money as you can throw at them.

While they are spot on with the analogy, there are many other descriptive words that could be used to describe the new design in unisex wallets: classy, unique, smooth, smart, elegant, sexy and of course innovative.

What Lukegan has done is make everyday life that little bit easier thanks to a simple, but ultra classy wallet design.

For those of you who are new to the concept of flip wallets, the principle is simple: you have two rectangular pieces of leather held together with in-built elastics.

Credit cards can slot into each side of the wallet, while money can be held in between them.

The best part about the Lukegan flip wallet is that it eliminates what we hate about normal wallets – the hassle of loose change, the annoying bulgy sizes and the inconvenience of misplacing items within them.

However, as is the case with most classy designs when they begin to gain popularity, the flip wallet has been a victim of its own success with many mock versions and cheap imitations of the wallets being sold around the world.

They vary from promotional giveaways, to boutique brands trying to match the quality delivered by Lukegan.

Unfortunately, they all fail to do so, but fortunately for us we still have the comfort of knowing Lukegan flip wallets are still on the market, and knowing that they are still providing us with the highest quality hand-stitched leather flip-wallets available today.

For more information on the flip wallet design, or on how to buy one, check out the website